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This is a great informational page.

Below you will see links to healthy websites, graphic intestional videos, and short discussions on negative health issues given by various Doctors.

The purpose of this page is to educate you more on Gastro-Intestional issues, and the consequences of not taking care of your body.

Colonic Animation

Roundworm in Colon

Worms in Colon

Tumor in Colon

About ColonHydrotherapy

Worm Playing in Colon

More Fun With Worms


Why Keep Your Colon Clean


About This Video
The operation was done by cutting open the abdomen for resection (anastamoses of intestine)... you can see all intestines ... the patient unfortunately died of sepsis..(fecal poisoning) he was just 15 yrs old. This is the reason you must have a movement every day. Cronic constipation can possibly kill you. Keep your colon moving and free of blockages. Dont ignore it! 

Colon Hydrotherapy Session

This video takes place at The Tummy Temple. It's a respectable Colon Hydrotherapy office in Washington. The session you will see is pretty normal. At Alive and Well Colon Care, I do a few things different. Clients wear a soft gown instead of stripping down. I use a more advanced Therapy machine. I use a massage unit to stimulate the tummy deeper, and my speculums (insert tubes) are smaller. All in all, this is a well made video showing a client what to expect. Remember... every body is different, so some will detox more than others.

Watch colon hydrotherapy session


300 lb. tumour

Tapeworm in bile duct

Eaten Alive

Parasites Part 1

Parasites Part 2

Parasites Part 3

You Are What U Eat P.1

You Are What U Eat P.2

You Are What U Eat P.3

You Are What U Eat P.4