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Five Stars? I would say is to short, I don't know where this rating started but It should be seven stars, seven mans complete, that is what I will rate you Cindy.

Star #1 Complete Care

Star #2 Complete Patients

Star #3 Complete Knowledge

Star #4 Complete Understanding

Star #5 Complete Profession

Star #6 Complete Impeccable setting

Star #7 Complete Women of God

Cindy thank you for give me the opportunity to be treated by you and to share your cancer surviving story with me.

The Lord Jesus has giving you an other chance of life to serve Him by serving people that are dealing with cancer or other illnesses.

Any one that is reading this is missing the best opportunity to be getting healthier and well for many years to come, if you don't get to Cindy's practice soon.

Cindy may the Lord Jesus Christ may keep blessing you in all you do to honor Him.

Love you in Jesus name.

Martin Z



Prompt, professional, friendly and got the job done!  Cindy's suite is deluxe personalized mini spa…I was too caught up in our chat and watching the results on screen monitor   Yes, I will go back again and yes I highly recommend her services!

Alice G 

There is a reason Cindy has five stars across the board, she's simply awesome! Had my first colonic last week. She instantly made me feel comfortable (i admit I was nervous) and so did her front desk staff. 

She talks you thru the whole process. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend Cindy and Alive and Well Colon Care! :)

Susan B

I went to see Cindy as part of my personal seasonal cleanse. Good nutrition is not always enough to be clean inside out. So I went after my third day of cleanse, and the plan is to get another after my 10 days of cleanse. Anyway I went a little apprehensive for this first session and was blown away. First Cindy is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. She explains every step clearly and help you to relax completely. Her easygoing approach of talking about colon therapy makes you feel at ease right away and during the complete procedure. The mini spa is deluxe and you just want to hang out there for the rest of the day. If you are looking for colon therapy for your health I highly recommend Cindy.

Sophie M

Cindy was great and very knowledgeable.  Her space was very calming and comfortable.  I highly recommend her!

John F

Best experience ever! After my first session, I am back! I absolutely adore Cindy! The thought of having something in your rear is kinda scary because you don't  know what to expect. But Cindy made me sooooo comfortable that I forgot what was in my rear! Haha. She is so informative, and tells you about what she sees coming out. I am hooked! She is helping to my health kick of getting all the bad out and is helping me along my journey! For anyone looking to get a colonic, this is your go to gal! Thank you so much Cindy! Xo

Daisy H

I was/am brand new to the world of colon hydrotherapy. I decided to seek professional help after lots of icky feelings, and biological difficulties that were out of control. I had resorted to several at home and OTC remedies that weren't helping. I was immediately comfortable with Cindy upon being greeted. Not only is she professional, but personable. I felt as though I was hanging out with a girlfriend and the atmosphere is extremely relaxing. I can truly say I enjoyed the experience and I'm looking forward to the next time in hopes that my results will only improve. Cindy knows her stuff and more importantly, she's invested in people. I would highly recommend to any and everyone!

Andrekka L

Best experience hands down. Cindy knows her stuff and everyone is super friendly. I was extremely comfortable and left feeling great! I highly recommend her! I heard she's the best and that was very true. I wouldn't go anywhere else

Josh B

I've been feeling unsure of my health. Gone to my doctor with symptoms of dizziness and completely stumped my doctor but still having to pay for the visit. After purchasing a parasite cleanse someone at vitamin shop referred me to Cindy Kelly so I googled her. Made my appt for my first colonics treatment and now I'm hooked!! Cindy is so informative & helped me to feel 100% comfortable with the whole process. She has an awesome team working with her. I am now gonna be seeing the nutrition health coach in the office & visiting Cindy on a regular. After my first visit I lost 1 whole pound and have atleast 5 more visits to complete. I feel amazing and better than anything else I feel hopeful & empowered. Thank you Cindy!

Angela L

Wow! Wow! Wow! I am a very healthy woman who eats a really clean organic gluten free diet and I'm amazed at what I experienced with Cindy. There was release that I've never before felt, which I know was enhanced by Cindy's skillful approach, kindness and support. She is very talented at what she does and maintains the highest level of professionalism. Alive and Well is so clean, comfortable and I cannot stress the level of professionalism by Cindy. She is truly gifted at what she does and enthusiastic to help her clients in their wellness goals. I am so glad that I trusted my instincts to see Cindy. I will be a client of hers for many years to come! She is wonderful!!

Heather B

Cindy is very good at what she does. I have had colonics done by 2 other people over the years but Cindy is my favorite!  It is in the small details that show you she has a true passion for her work!  Heated toilet seat, TWO filters, a big TV to see your waste, and a sauna were some of the things she offered that the other 2 I saw did not have.  Made a difference!  Thank you Cindy! Will be back!


I had a great experience with Cindy for my first colonic. I was a little scared and anticipitory about getting the procedure. She walked me through the procedure and made me feel so comforatable. Her office is gorgeous and I felt I was in a very well kept environment. I loved how she explained about what she saw coming out of my colon and how she was excited to see things moving. I am excited to go back for my next session.

Annie G

Cindy is amazing! Had my first ever colonic and she was the first to tell me what's going on with my gut. I've seen many doctors and right away, Cindy was able to see and figure out my issue. She even guessed my symptoms! I highly recommend and will be going back as a frequent client.

Rachel V

Cindy was very professional and courteous.  I have never had colon therapy before and she was very thorough and patient in explaining the process and benefits.  I suggest you see her right away if you have any concerns about your colon health.  I went to see her as part of my candida cleanse process.

Linda C

Words cannot even describe how amazing my time at Alive & well!!! I have heard so many AMAZING  things about it & to think she fit me in a completely booked schedule! The communication is AMAZING as well! She helped me achieve me feeling better physically & emotionally! Im taking my kids, friends & all that I can to show how great Homeopathic & modern medicine can do together! Im just over the moon with how I feel! Not to mention...I lost weight that was sluggish & nasty toxins! Its amazing..I use that word a lot when Im passionate about something! Thank you Cindy

You are so great & such a BLESING! Big hugs! xoxo Sheri

Sheri M

This was my first ever colon hydro therapy session and I have to say I wish I had gotten them sooner. Cindy made me feel incredibly at ease and explained the entire process as we went along. There was no pain at all. I just had mild stomach tightness a few times throughout the procedure. I had actually been on a vegan diet which I think helped the process and was able to "release" quite well. I actually felt great after the session. It's hard to explain but is very therapeutic and freeing. I plan to get another colonic in the future and absolutely recommend getting one from Cindy!

Renee P

I was so nervous about having colon hydrotherapy done. After having a gall stone attack, I knew I needed to see if it would help. I googled information and Cindy Kelly's name came up. She was so great at trying to schedule me asap! The whole process was so comfortable from start to finish. She made me feel at ease, and educated me within such a short time of the importance of a clean gut. I was so amazed to walk out feeling so good, motivated and headed towards a bright healthy future. I loved the atmosphere and the entire evironment of the office that I want to go back for other healthy treatments right away! Thank you Cindy! I feel like you have been a friend forever. You are wonderful!!!

Susan B

Cindy Kelly is awesome! She is professional and explains everything to you so well making you feel comfortable. She really cares about her patients. She has a beautiful spa feeling atmosphere in her office and so clean.shes probably one of the nicest person that I've ever met. So, if your thinking about getting colon hydrotherapy look no further, she is the best!

Rebecca L

My 13 year old son has had digestive issues for 5 years now. To be perfectly clear, he just doesn't poop for weeks at a time. He is always feeling sluggish, tired, slow and dehydrated. We saw Cindy last year and had one treatment and made some diet changes. He was better for a short while. My only mistake was not taking him back to see her sooner! We finally were ready to put him in the hospital last week since he's quit going to school and is now home schooled because of his embarrassing condition. Then I remembered Cindy's treatment and thought we should try it again and this time on a regular basis. Boy is my son glad we did! No tubes, no tests, no needles, no fasting and no grouchy nurses! We rushed over to see Cindy with no appointment and on a holiday weekend! (Rude of us, I know!) But it was an emergency situation and even though she was headed out of town, Cindy spent an hour with him patiently and by the time she finished flushing him out, he eliminated 2.5 lbs of toxic waste!!! He felt like a new kid going home! We are dedicated to getting him back to optimal help and will be having weekly treatments with Cindy from now on! He's been pooping just fine for the last 3 days and it's been years since that's happened!! Cindy is so helpful and knowledgeable about colon health and if anyone has issues, she's the miracle worker! It takes an extraordinary woman to do what she does and with the level of concern and care she has, I'm calling her a saint! We are so grateful for her and her compassion for kids especially! I look forward to future sessions and watching my son get healthy again. Don't hesitate to go see the gang over at Alive and Well, you'll be glad you did!

Amy W

Cindy Kelly is as good as they come! Today she gave my 12 yr old son his first colonics treatment and trust me, a 12 yr old does NOT want anything down there! But after his session, he's totally willing to go back! Cindy provided us with her worm killer and colon cleanse. It couldn't be any easier with the pills packaged neatly in their own capsules for each day. You can't mess this treatment up! I'm so comfortable with her knowledge and the nutrition team she works with. The office is warm and inviting. Cindy makes the whole process very comforting. No once was my son feeling exposed or uncomfortable! Thank you so much. Cindy! Her office was even open on a Saturday! If you're thinking of hydrotherapy I would definitely go see Cindy Kelly!

#2 Amy W

I've had several sessions with Cindy and there just aren't enough good things to say about her. She is kind, caring, skillful, professional and funny, to name a few. If you've been thinking about getting a colonic, there is no one better than Cindy!

Carol I

AWESOME experience!  I had never had a colonic before, but Cindy had come highly recommended by a chiropractor.  I had really done my research (reading her entire website, checked her Yelp ratings, watched a few You-Tube videos, etc.), so I pretty much knew what to expect.  

I was seriously impressed!  She made me feel like I was a friend (not just a client) the minute I walked though the door!  The room was very inviting and had a home-like atmosphere.  Cindy is very knowledgeable and explains everything well!  I have signed up for four more and am actually looking forward to them. I've already recommended her to three friends! Angie B

I have to say I was skeptical about doing this, but after (2) sessions I feel amazing. Cindy is awesome!!! She wducates you during the whole process. Never thought I  would be cheering during something like this, but that's what we did. Cindy makes the uncomfortable thought of doing colonic therapy a mind easing experience. Get healthy!!! See Cindy for a life changing will be glad you did!!!!

Rhonda P

Let me start by saying CIndy is amazing!!!!! She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed the entire time! She definitely knows your body and educates you on things that you have no idea about when it comes to your digestive system ! She got me to where I needed to be along with giving me her pills she helped create to help you go and they do not make me cramp whatsoever they are amazing ! Everything about my visit was great !

Maya E

I had my first colonic today with Cindy Kelly! I couldn't of asked for a better experience, she is very passionate about what she does and had a ton of knowledge to share. She talked me through the entire process and always made sure I was as comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking care of their body and improving your health. I will definitely be back in the future :)

Christine B

Unlike many clients who request colon cleanses, I didn't have any issues with nature calling.  I had been gaining weight steadily for a few years, and no matter what I did, I could not lose the weight I was gaining.  I visited several primary care physicians, none of whom seem to care that I gained 20 lbs in a month, with no accompanying life stye changes to explain the weight gain.  I then tried a hormone specialist who recommended I go see Cindy Kelly at Alive and Well Colon care.

I was willing to do anything to figure out what was going on with my body, so I set up an appointment right away.  On the day of appointment I wasn't sure what to expect at all.  Cindy was excellent about explaining what she was doing and why. She was very friendly and professional at the same time. I was not scared or uncomfortable for any part of the process.  I *almost* enjoyed it, because Cindy is so personable.

I wound up signing up for a package of 5 when we found Candida....which finally explained many of the symptoms I had been experiencing, but had remained undiagnosed, for years.

Cindy gave some recommendations for over the counter products I could take to help fight the Candida, in conjunction with the colon cleanses.

Even without having issues with backup, I lost approximately 2 lbs per session, just in what Cindy cleaned out of my colon (YUCK!). Over the course of 5 weeks and 5 sessions, with a Paleo diet and Candida Support tablets, we jointly killed the Candida.  The weight has stayed off and I have continued to slowly lose the Candida induced weight.

Cindy was also fantastic about working with my schedule.  She was a delight, and I will be back on occasion when I feel the need for a colon scrub.

Don't afraid, just go.  You will be happy you did.

Kathryn S

I have been to Alive and Well many times now! Cindy is a complete professional at what she does. This is definitely her passion! I love how comfortable Cindy makes me feel. Her treatment room is relaxing, calming and so pretty. Not only do I feel awesome after a colonic I also feel educated on how to take better care of my body. Cindy has guided me through cleanses with herbs and colonics. My skin now glows and I feel lighter and more energized!

Summer S

This was my first experience with the colon hydrotherapy so I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect.  Cindy was amazing and made me feel very comfortable.  I already made a second appointment this week and have recommended her to my friends and families.  If you're looking to do the colon hydrotherapy I would highly recommend this place!

Sana D

You will walk in nervous and intimidated at the though of the process and walk out feeling awesome and as though you have gained a new best friend !! Cindy has a passion for what she does and a heart for every person who walks in there struggling with whatever health issue they have. She will explain the entire process to you and make you feel completely comfortable during your treatments. 

Sparing you the gory details I will just say that Colonics has been extremely beneficial to me and families health.  If you are at all nervous about the thought of colonics, don't put off your health, GO SEE CINDY !!

Stacey T

Cindy was recommended by two friends that raved about their colonic experiences and it's benefits.  I had been nervous about the procedure for years.  Well, I finally got my nerve up and scheduled my first visit. Cindy explained the procedure in detail and put me at ease prior to starting.  Well, I left there feeling light on my feet after detoxing.  This is my second visit with Cindy.  I can't believe how great I feel, my skin is glowing and my sluggishness has all but disappeared.  I highly recommend Cindy as she the ultimate professional!!

Katherine C

I had the best experience. I hadn't don't colon hydrotherapy in quite awhile but Cindy was very patient and explained everything to me. You can see that she really cares about her clients and their health.

Joy M

Cindy is the real deal!  Expert and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, supportive, experienced and just a blast of wonderfulness in every sense of the word.  I found her on Google as I am going thru a series of liver flushes.  Never tried this before and was nervous (all right - more like scared).  From the moment I walked into her space (which feels like a loving womb) and got a wave of her amazing energy and zeal for her work and the healing it brings - I instantly relaxed.

Such a miracle to be within driving distance to someone who is so inspired and inspiring and who administers this amazing service so well.

On my second visit, with her amazing assistance and the help of my liver flush, I released enough for 20 colonics combined.  I feel fantastic!

I sing her praises everywhere I go now.  Thank you, Cindy!

Cara J

Thought users might like to know that before my colonic (in gown only) my weight was --8 even. (I'll write about colonics but not give my weight online!)  The next morning when I weighed the scale said --3.4!  I was ecstatic!  For those who don't like math, that's 4.6 pounds!  But the weight difference was the bonus. I felt so much better and less bloated.

Jeannice M

I have been wanting to have a colonic for years, but was too nervous.  Then I met Cindy and I am so glad I did.  She made it so easy and informative.  I have never felt better, I feel so much better after I have been detoxing.  I have recommended her to many friends and family.  Really great experience!

Tonya B

Very great experience!  I thought about colon cleanse for years, but was too scared to try.  Finally just did it and thank goodness my first experience was with Cindy at Alive and Well.  She really cares about you and makes you feel very at ease.  Cindy is very knowledgeable and helps the lay person understand.

Thanks Cindy!  See you again soon

Tonya B #2

Cindy is a wealth of knowledge. Very professional and very clean!  I hope to start living by her example. Thank you Cindy

Keri B

A cancer diagnoses in January brought me here as I am on a natural holistic path to regaining my health after colon surgery.  I feel incredibly blessed to have found Cindy and will be a fan of colonics for life.  I agree with another poster that Cindy makes you feel like a good friend when you are there.  She is sincere in her efforts to want you to be well.  My story mirrors hers a bit so it's nice to talk about what I am going through and she gets it.  I am beyond pleased.

Jeri C

I am a physician who refers patients to Cindy Kelly.  She is THE best colon therapist I have ever worked with.  She is extremely caring and thorough.  She helps my patients with constipation, candida, parasites, weight issues, etc.

Cindy  has an incredibly relaxing room for colon therapy and she makes everyone comfortable.  Even the patients who are nervous about seeing her the first time willingly become regular patients of hers.

Cindy goes above and beyond the call of duty.  For example, tonight I had a patient who required her services or I would have been forced to send him to the ER.  She stayed late and between the IV fluids that I gave him and Cindy's services we were able to give him relief and save him from going to the ER.

I highly recommend Cindy Kelly for anyone: from those who simply want a healthy colon to those with chronic abdominal issues.

Laurie B

I had my first ever Colonic performed this last Saturday partly because I have been eating raw foods for a few months now and I was looking to maximize my body's absorption rate as well as hopefully give me a little more boost for my weight loss. I was very nervous about every aspect of the procedure especially because I'm a guy and nothing has ever been in that general area of mine so most guys could relate to that and I'm sure most men don't schedule a routine colonic because of that very reason. I have to say all my worries and questions were doused the moment I met Mrs. Cindy Kelly, the lady is a true professional and makes you feel 100% comfortable and lets you know down to the details what's going on and why. after everything I was down in weight and felt incredible. It is now Monday and I have dropped 7 pounds since my colonic and have never felt better I highly recommend Cindy Kelly and will be scheduling with her again here soon.

Bruce G

Cindy was fantastic. Extremely nice and always made sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend her. I was traveling to Costa Mesa monthly as I was very faithful patient but I'm glad I found Cindy that is conveniently close to me. 

Thank you Cindy for being so caring.

Tink B

Applause! Applause! Applause! Today was the very first experience with Colonic Hydratherapy. I was desperately searching for something to help with my stubborn and lazy colon that didn't make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I've had many trips to the pharmacy for mag citrate and to the ER because of how bad my constipation can get. Cindy was very discreet, informative and I was super comfortable during the entire session. I have had chronic constipation ever since I can remember. It runs in my family, my mother is dependent on senna and my grandmother passed away from colon cancer. I was not aware that chronic constipation could cause so many other problems tho... and believe me I suffer from just about all of them! I am super excited to finally be on the right track to a healthy and functioning colon! I didn't lose any weight but I know I have lost at least 1 & 1/2 inches of my waist just from all the gas build up that was stuck inside of my colon today.

I would definitely recommend Cindy Kelly to ALL of my friends & family...Shoot!.. as good as I feel right now I would enthusiastically recommend her to strangers if they would listen to me

Beth A

I give Cindy Kelly 5 stars for her outstanding service. I let her know that I was traveling for work and really needed a session. It was imperative. I was feeling really lethargic for a few days and didn't have any energy to keep my eyes open nor energy throughout the day. She fit me into her schedule. And she really coached me through the session as I haven't had a session on a closed system in a long time and have been doing the open system. We really got way in deep and I released a lot. I haven't felt this good in about 5 yrs!!!!! I also left with a gratitude package...this is what I call it. he he.. :) She gave me a bag of goodies for my digestive system and gave me a little education on what to do after my session. She really does care about colon health. As a person that into health as well, I totally recommend to come to her if you are ever in the Temecula or Murrrieta, CA area. If I was in the area longer, I would totally sign up for a package deal! When I am back in the area for work, I am definitely coming back to see her! Cindy cares and is very personable. Love, Love, Love her!!! See you in the future!!! 

Also, I went to work out tonight and had soo much energy. My co-worker also told me that I looked like a different person...that my face looked like I had relieved a lot of stress. Thanks again!!!!

America S

Thank you Cindy. As you well know, you have  saved me many times. I have been coming to Cindy from the first day she started. I can't tell you of the many episodes of being so impacted i thought i might need to go to the ER.

Cindy intervened, and did what she's so darn good at, cleaned my colon! Unless you know the pain and suffering of constipation, you wouldn't understand.

Trust me when I say, she's the best at colon care. 

In case you don't know, Cindy almost died from colon cancer. Cancer was about to burst through her colon. She heard about Colonics and had the treatments before surgery. The surgeon said this most likely saved her life. 

She knew right then that this was her calling. She quit her executive job and learned how she could help others avoid the thing that almost killed her. Colon Cancer.

Thank you Cindy. You're amazing!


I have been to Alive and Well many times and can not recommend Cindy enough. She is a professional, kind and caring person who makes each visit feel comfortable and successful. Cindy's knowledge and experience helps you to not only feel good after each session but to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle long after. I did a body wrap recently and it was just an additional benefit to an already successful visit....I lost 3 pounds!!! I absolutely LOVE her and will continue to go to her indefinitely. She is awesome...I strongly recommend you try it-you will not regret it!

Lena C

I wish there were 10 stars to give Cindy...She is simply amazing! She is easy going, caring and makes the experience comfortable. I initially went in for just one session and ended up doing her detox plan, and am still continuing treatment. The results were amazing! I lost weight, feel better, have more energy, and no more headaches or abdominal pain. Truly you will be shocked by the amount of waste your body holds. Cindy is so knowledgeable and sweet...You're just going to love her. I highly recommend her and encourage anyone to go!

Lena C #2

After year of intestinal issues I experienced a colonics procedure with Cindy! Best kept secret!!! My gastroenterologist never suggested colonics to me to my surprise. My gastro health has improved so much! Where have you been my whole life :)

Cindy is a professional, but makes you feel like family. Yes, colonics can be awkward but, 5 minutes after meeting Cindy all that awkwardness was gone (along with my gassy, stinky toots)!!!  My intestines now function regularly.

Best thing I've ever done for myself. I will recommend Cindy's Colon Care to friends and family. This should be part of everyone's healthcare routine to remove toxins from our systems that make us sluggish. 

Kudos to you Cindy for creating an awesome business!

Jean L

I hadn't had one of these for at least 10 years and was a bit nervous.  But Cindy made me feel very comfortable.  Even though I am a Health Consultant myself, I am always wanting to learn new things...and we had no problem talking about everything, making me feel like this was a breeze, explaining every detail and explaining what I was seeing come out of me....honestly, it was amazing!  I would definitely recommend Cindy hands down - she is honest, professional, friendly and a germaphobe, which is crucial in her business.  You can tell right away that she is very passionate about what she does and truly cares - it was obvious to me right away that she wanted to put me at ease and explained everything thoroughly...I kept thinking "how could she put so much energy out for everyone," but she does.  The best part is how you feel afterward - wonderful!  Thank YOU, Cindy, for caring so much!

Wendy F

I had the most enjoyable experience today. I met Cindy who welcomed me with open arms and made my colonic and body wrap like a vacation. Cindy has the most amazing stories that pass time and takes your mind off everything. She has definitely made me and my family feel right at home. Her hospitality is by far the best I have ever had. Thank you Cindy and look forward to losing another 15 pounds. 

James H

Cindy you have done it again. 3.5 lbs in 45minutes in your new sauna suit. I highly recommend to all military and civilians who want to shed the lbs. In a short amount of time. BZ to you and the way you treat me and my wife like family. Lose weight while having fun, there is no better way. Awesome person. Thanks to you I can continue my career as an 18 year sailor trying to make it 20 years. God bless you.

James H

ALL Military listen up!! Cindy helped me lose 10 lbs and 1.5 inches of my waist in 4 days to pass my BCA portion of the PRT. I could not have done this without her guidance and help. She is by far the best person when it comes to body wraps and colonics. Do NOT take a chance on failing your BCA when you have CINDY who can help you the right way to lose the weight and inches that you need to, if you struggle with this like I do every 6 months. Bravo Zulu Cindy!!!!! 

James H #2

Cindy you are my Poo remover queen! With my terrible digestive issues and chronic constipation your treatments are always successful, professional and comfortable. Thank you for loving what you do and for helping kill that nasty candida! Your office is so relaxing and comfortable. I'll see you very soon!


Experience was great as my first time doing a colonic.  Cindy was nice and helpful throughout the session and answered any questions I had. I felt comfortable the whole time.

Javi C

In my late 30's I started to experience some issues with my lower abdomen. I had always had an issue with constipation but now I was starting to bloat and have a burning achiness  all the time. It seems everything  I ate caused me to be miserable. I had a friend tell me about  Alive & Well  Colon Care. She had read Cindy's biography on her website and told me her story. I thought  this is the perfect person to help me.  I called and spoke with  Cindy over the phone and she was so warm and  encouraging  that I decided to give colonics a try.  I was nervous the first time because I did not know what to expect. Was it going to hurt?  How did this work?  Cindy was so caring, patient and gentle with me  that I walked out from my first visit wondering what I was so worried about. I did not have a release but Cindy was so encouraging that I felt like I had been successful.  Finally after my 4th colonic I had a release.  Cindy and I was so excited. She was so encouraging every visit. I continue to have a colonic once a month because it helps with what doctor's say is IBS.  I highly recommend Cindy. She has been able to give me some relief and I am finally on a regular  schedule for the 1st time in my life.  She is a great listener too and  gives me helpful advise on my nutrition as well .  She is also very nurturing and does whatever she can to help  me in my session.  I love her

Monica J

My first experience with Cindy Kelly took place on 8/16. I had never had a colonic before so I was a bit nervous and excited.  I choose Cindy because I was touched by her battle and survival with colon cancer and I am so glad I did!!

The office is very inviting and Cindy is extremely knowledgeable in her field which made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. 

My first experience went so well that I went in for my second colonic yesterday 8/23. I went in weighing 193 lbs, I weighed myself this morning and I am now 189!!! 

Needless to say, I definitely recommend Cindy Kelly and I will most definitely be back for my third colonic within the week.

Jameela J

Wow, Cindy made what I thought to be a very invasive uncomfortable procedure into a relaxed informative session. I just turned 50 and wanted to improve my overall health.  A few of my co-workers along with myself all made appointments and we are all very pleased and so glad we stopped procrastinating and followed through with the Detox Program Cindy developed. She is truly a gem and very good at what she does. You couldn't ask for a better environment either. The facility is very nice and welcoming. Thanks Cindy!

Valerie G

When you come to see Cindy you can see right away she is passionate and knows what she is doing. What I liked about Cindy was she was very caring and took time to explain the procedure and made you feel very comfortable.

Everyone needs to get colon therapy. It is a great way to detox and a quick way too. Getting the gut cleaned out promotes better health at so many levels. I highly recommend colon therapy and especially having it done by Cindy

Glee P

Ever since I was little I have had severe problems with my health. Doctors were always quick to put me on steroids and antibiotics which made things even worse over time and really lowered my immune system further. Finally a few years ago I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to do some research. I discovered the candida diet and part of the program was to do a colonic session. I had never heard of this so I did a little more research and found all the amazing benefits you can achieve from colonic therapy. There was only one problem: I was too nervous and scared to do it!

Finally 2 weeks ago I got the guts to just go for it. I googled "Colonic therapy Temecula" and Cindy's website popped up. I quickly made the phone call to schedule the appointment which was easy and convenient.

The day of my first session I was extremely nervous but soon after being greeted by Cindy, I knew I had nothing to fear. Cindy is a very down-to-earth, fun, bubbly personality and she makes you feel incredibly comfortable. I soon was kicking myself wondering why I had waited so many years. Cindy has a way of making you feel at ease with your insecurities about doing colon therapy. While she is funny and has many great stories to share she is also very professional. I am so thankful that I found her! 

My first session: I was insanely backed up and so I didn't do so well the first time but Cindy put me on some of her handmade supplements and on my second session, I was able to see all the toxins and the reason why I have been feeling so terrible for so long. It was incredible! That day, though, I was wiped was my colon LOL!

The next morning I noticed my stomach was flat again (I have been carrying a belly) and I am a really skinny person. 

I actually can't wait for the next session. I am so happy I found Cindy! If you are looking into doing colonic therapy (and you should!) I HIGHLY recommend Cindy at Alive and Well Colon Care. You won't be disappointed :)

One more thing...I initially was nervous, thinking I would be the only male doing this type of thing. Come to find out a majority of Cindy's clients are military guys.

IdolKid R  (american Idol Contestant)

First time treatment and Cindy made it so easy and comfortable. Very knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. The facility is immaculately clean. I felt so great afterward and I highly recommend trying it for any digestive problems you may have or just think you may have.  Absolutely nothing less than 5 stars deserved.

Marisa T


Cindy Kelly is very passionate about her profession. She's kind, understanding, and professional. She has help me with weight loss with the infrared body wrap for my wedding as well as increasing my immune system and helping me with my adrenal fatigue condition with the infrared sauna located at her facility. The infrared body wrap helps with drawing out toxins from the body as well as increasing your metabolism. The essential oil cream and lotion that she applies on you before the body wrap helps with firming your skin and cellulite. Her herbal colon cleanse capsule does wonders and she formulates it herself which consist of all natural ingredients! If you are looking for hydrotherapy colonics she is the best! Take the step and schedule an appointment with her today! You won't regret it!


Few words can describe my experience with Cindy. I've done plenty of research and video watching on colon hydrotherapy and I walked in extremely nervous sort of expecting to feel awkward embarrassed or weird. Instead I walked in to a cozy and welcoming office and when i met Cindy i immediately felt comfortable. All my nerves where calmed by her very personable pressence. She explained the whole process perfectly and didn't leave me guessing what would happen next. My first time there will not be my last. Once it was all done i walked out feeling energized and happy. I look forward to the next time i see her. Thank you so much for your help with my health.


Cindy Kelly is the most caring and passionate healers. She has an amazing personal health journey which brought her to the place of wanting to pay it forward. She makes you feel so comfortable, in her professional office suite, that is upgraded with a heated toilet seat,  that she sanitizes after every client.  During your treatment she will be by your side,  educating you and the health if your colon based on what she sees,  which is so cool that you get to see it too, due to a camera and TV screen. 

On the technical side her hydrotherapy unit is a closed system,  which is really important,  as well as NOT just 2 UV filters, but 4, which means very clean water. 

Everyone can benefit from having some toxins removed,  I lost one pound of them! Crazy that I was dehydrated so I think my colon even kept some of the water. 

Give yourself the gift of better colon health,  afterall gut health is where it all starts! 

I refer my Naturopathic patients who have digestive or skin disorders,  or when concerned about toxicity. It can also be great for athletes and body builders.



 I received a gift certificate for my visit, I was a bit apprehensive to say the least.  This is something I have always wanted to do, but did not have to courage to do so.  
Cindy is so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and sweet.  She made me feel right at home and completely comfortable.  She explained each and every step of the process and I was fascinated from the word go.  I did not experience any discomfort and felt great afterwards. 

My experience was fantastic! One of the best gifts I have ever received. To quote my husband, "He wanted to thank Cindy for taking care of his #1 with her #2" .

Pauline N


I loved Cindy! Highly recommend seeing her for this service! Her suite was super cute and very clean. She was professional and informative. I will definitely be going back!



This place is amazing! Cindy is courteous kind and gentle. I highly recommend her and her



Cindy is a very caring individual, she is highly knowledgeable in health and wellness. Her passion to help you and others is outstanding! We look forward to visiting her often! Cindy is a breath of fresh air!



Very pleased with my experience and feel so much better. I recommend this to anyone for good health.
Amazing how comfortable I was in such an odd procedure.... Thanks !!!



I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found Cindy! Today was my first colonic ever and I gotta say I am so excited (as odd as that sounds) to have experienced this and she couldn't have made me more comfortable. She is so genuinely interested in your health and well being I have been researching for so long because I didn't know how and where to start and I found it! Cindy also has made suggestions of where to go from here with my journey. Thank you Cindy, again weird, but I look forward to going back.



I had 3 colonics in 3 weeks. My first time I was anxious and nervous about going in "the back door" but it was so much better than expected. Not at all painful or embarrassing. Cindy found candida in me and after 3 treatments combined with cutting out sugar I feel so much better and notice that certain issues I had are finally healing. Cindy is funny, entertaining, and most importantly gentle and makes the hour go fast. bonus...the toilet seat is heated. oh yes. She recommends 3-5 sessions and she even discounts when you buy a 3 pack. I highly recommend her!